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Whether you are a business seeking a professional music and video production service or you simply may need our help editing some photos, you have found the right company. We are able to produce quality products that will meet your needs and get your message across. Save time on trying to shoot the video or capture the shot on your own and use our services instead – the results that we provide are higher-quality and guaranteed to satisfy your expectations.



13KRSDZN is a company that focuses on providing professional and high-quality video services for our clients since we opened up for business in 2017. We are a team of professionals that have many years of experience in this industry in New York, NY along with surrounding locations. Our goal is to translate your story or message into a visual form whether it is video or photo.

We Can Provide the Following:


Video Production and Videography

Producing and directing videos is a task that requires skill and creativity. From hiring the crew to reviewing the footage that has been shot to ensure that it is just what we are looking for – our team can do it all. With our videography skills in New York, NY, we will be able to edit, enhance, and share the footage.

Kyle Shane for SR Backpacks, 2017.

Kyle Shane for SR Backpacks, 2017.


These days, digital photography is super popular and oftentimes the preferred choice for picture taking. We work with all kinds of different camera settings and features in order to get the ideal shot. See our work

Laney DeGrasse for SR Backpacks, 2018.

Laney DeGrasse for SR Backpacks, 2018.


Taking film photos was popular years ago as the ideal option for photography. While still alive today, it is not as well-known. However, in order to capture a more personal and enjoyable picture, you may want to use film over digital. Our photographers will be able to shoot this for you.


Designing websites can be a lot of work, but not for our company. We have a lot of ideas, styles, and more to choose from in order to create your ideal website as well as edit your photos.